Coming up on Friday, WBEZ will be hosting a conversation with local Chicago comic book artists for a segment they’re calling Superheroes: Hollywood’s Rewriting of History. The discussion will focus mainly on comic book mythology and continuity as it travels through different mediums—comics, film, live theater, network television, etc.

They’ve got a really good group of local artists assembled, including Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash), Mike Norton (Battlepug), and Jenny Frison (Angel)—all of whom spoke on a panel last month at C2E2Back at the con, Brad and I got to hear about each artist’s individual projects. This time around, it looks like the group will be engaged together around common elements of storytelling and character development—with special attention paid to continuity and retcon issues between comics and movies.

The real question they’re asking is this: what elements of a hero can be altered without changing  the character’s essential identity? And at what point is a character different enough to deserve its own title rather than simply being yet another in a long line of reboots? The show starts Friday, June 1 at 7pm. I’m hoping to catch it before I head out to the Alien Queen Encore show later that evening. Oh my god, it’s going to be such an awesome night.