This weekend, the 57th Street Art Fair comes back to Hyde Park!

The Fair, which has been running since 1948, is bringing some 200+ artists to the neighborhood to showcase and sell their wares. I go every year to browse the exhibits, maybe purchase a piece or two, and stuff my face full of awesome, greasy fair food (and bomb pops).

The guy I look out for every time I go is Richard L. Skelton, who for some reason does not have his own website to link to. Anyway, he does some amazing sculpture work. Skelton takes doll heads, limbs, and eyeballs, mixes them in with clay, manikin faces, animal horns, computer parts, and other bits of tech—and ends up with some really unique, breathtaking work.

Last year, I purchased my first piece of art from him, an untitled work he simply refers to as a “link.” It’s a smaller piece meant to link together some of his larger ones when hanged together on a wall. If I had the budget for it, I’d try to acquire some more of his pieces for a bigger display.

You can see Link pictured here. It features an old Macintosh logo, a robotic baby doll third eye, and an image of the Buddha merged with a number pad. Skelton tells me he always intended to stick some LED’s into the back of the eye, but never got around to it. When I bought it, he encouraged me to finish the piece, adding some lighting of my own. And so following in the footsteps of this artist I so admire, I likewise have never gotten around to it.

“All my work is a reflection of my connection with the organic universe,” Skeleton once said of his art. “The imagery is drawn from all the cultural and archetypal human expressions, past present and future, then placed in clay.”

Skelton is completely self-supported from the income he gets from art shows and gallery exhibitions, as well as from commissions, royalties from reproductions, and work leased for use in film, TV, and lectures. So if you’re in Hyde Park this weekend, check out the Art Fair and go looking for Skelton’s booth. And if you find yourself there on Sunday, swing by First Aid Comics and join Brad and I after the fair for A Dame to Kill For!

UPDATE: Skelton wasn’t at the Art Fair this year! What a disappointment.