We’re back.

And though this site’s been quiet lately, we’ve been hard at work—writing, illustrating, planning, and getting down to business. You may have noticed up in your address bar that we’ve got a shiny new domain name, and now you can also follow us on Twitter @theSunBros. Updates will be coming fast and furious from here on out, as we hit the home stretch of our work on Chinatown. So what’s new?

Last month, Brad attended two local conventions. First up was CAKE, the first-annual “Chicago Alternative Comics Expo.” It was a small but lively convention and it was great to see such a variety of content, from simple stapled Xeroxed comics to professionally bound hardcover tomes. And while he was there, Brad managed to pick up an autographed copy of Rice Boy.

Next was the South Side Comic Con, another first time event organized by James Nurss of First Aid Comics and featuring a variety of local comic shops and dealers. Like CAKE, the South Side Con was small in scale but with lots of potential for growth in the future.  It really would be great to establish an annual Con in our area and the Sun Bros plan to be at both these venues in full force next year.

Of course, Brad continues to illustrate nonstop.  As more pages get completed, our visual language becomes clearer and more confident.  It’s been a long, constantly evolving process, but the end is now in sight and we can’t wait to get our work out there for everyone to see.  In fact, we’ve just sent off some sample pages to print our first proofs in preparation for the final product.

Yet even as Chinatown is nearing completion, we’re looking ahead to our next batch of projects.  Next up is a short story called Apocalypse Man, our not-so-humble attempt to breathe some life into the post-apocalyptic survival genre, which is starting to resemble a meandering, bloated zombie itself.  It should be a fun little yarn and we have some ideas on how to tie it into our upcoming Kickstarter campaign—more on that soon!

What you’re seeing above is a glimpse at some of the work Brad’s been doing for the past month, moving from rougher pencil drawings to a finished product in Photoshop. If you’re interested in seeing the whole process, check out our Facebook image gallery for a closer look.

Lee and Shen

But what about Wesley? Where’s he been?

Texas, actually.  For the last two weeks, Wes has been brainstorming, script writing, and laying out pages for a yet another project we’ll unveil a little further down the road. The new project—who’s working title is Boss Panda—is a gun-slingin’ Western epic featuring space alien bounty hunters, 18th– century Scottish philosophers, mad scientists, and red necks.

Although many of the ideas for Boss Panda have been marinating in our heads for a while, a flurry of inspiration came to Wes while in Brenham, a sleepy little town full of antique shops, Southern charm, and Coronaritas. As it happens, part of the setting for Boss Panda calls for just such a small town, and writing “on location” has been a new and exciting process for Wesley. Being able to walk around in the environment, take reference photos as the script calls for them, and really soak in the culture while composing the story really gave life to the project.

Now that he’s back in Chicago, Wesley will be spending the next month contacting printers for price quotes to get Chinatown finished and in print as the book comes together. Follow our progress and development on this site, Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve both got plenty on our plate, and we’re about to take on even more. Believe it or not, we haven’t even scratched the surface of everything we’ve got planned. Mini-comics, web comics, one-shots, new graphic novels, more blog articles—the sky’s the limit for Sun Bros Studios. We’ve got ideas, scripts, sketches, and stories that could keep us illustrating and producing for years. But for now, all our energy pools to the task before us: getting Chinatown in print and into your hands.

Stay tuned for more info on our Kickstarter campaign this Fall and for updates on all our progress—and as always, let us know what you think!