UPDATE (08/12/12): I won the Belkin Prize Pack for Tweeting photos at Wizard World! Specifically, it was my snapshot of X-Factor (see below) that won me a good bit of merch from the good folks at Belkin. Today’s the last day of the con, and I’ll keep posting up photos. Be sure to check out our Facebook Image Gallery, which I just updated last night!

Me and Sarah Beccan

Right now we’re halfway through Chicago Comic Con 2012—and we’re just gettin’ started. There have been some really great sessions and panels, some fantastic costumes, and I’ve had the chance to meet some really unique and talented artists. If you’re been following us on Twitter, you’ve already seen some of the photos and people that have made the con such a great place to be. But have you seen our Facebook gallery?

Me with Gorilla Tango!

Keep checking back for more photos as we head into Wizard World day 3 and on to the after party! If you’re at the convention, find me on Twitter and come say hi. Or just strike a pose in your awesome costume and assume I’ll stick your picture on our Facebook page. See you at the con!