As the writing and illustrating for Chinatown starts wrapping up, it’s time to start thinking about getting our book in print. Recently, we received our first set of proofs in the mail—and things are looking good! There’s a huge difference between seeing our art digitally on a computer screen and actually holding the pages in our hands, with ink actually on the page—physically flipping through our work. 

Getting proofs at this stage of the process is important. We don’t want to tweak our book meticulously in Photoshop only to find later that it prints too dark or the lettering is unclear, or the colors on the actual page aren’t quite what we were envisioning. At the end of the day, reading comics is a tactile experience. The physical act of turning the page is part of the storytelling. The weight of the book, the dimensions of the pages, the type and quality of the paper—all these things matter when you’re trying to tell a story in words and pictures.


So what’s next? Incorporating some minor changes based on what we got back from our proofs, we’re ready to complete this project. As Brad finishes up the illustrations, Wesley has been calling printers for price quotes. In the next few weeks, we’ll be visiting printers on site to take a look at samples and review similar projects to make sure we produce a quality product. Once we’ve selected a printer and understand the costs, we’re off to Kickstarter to roll out Chinatown. There are more pictures of our test proofs on Facebook—and if you look closely, you’ll see some artwork we haven’t officially revealed yet. So check out the image gallery and leave a comment or find us on Twitter—let us know what you think!