Chinatown Has Launched on Kickstarter!

Our Kickstarter campaign launched just a few minutes ago and will continue through October. When does it end? Right after Halloween. If you’ve been following us here on the website, you know we’ve been working hard to finish Chinatown—and we’re almost done. To get this book in print we need your help. Once we hit our fundraising goal, we’ll head straight to the printers and mail this book right to you. Check out our Kickstarter page for all kinds of incredible backer rewards—and please share the link with your friends!

Click here to check out our Kickstarter Page!

We’ve also completely updated the oficial Chinatown page here on the site! We’ll be posting updates and other exciting news as the final stages of Chinatown unfold. If we end up exceeding our fundraising goal, everything gets put back into Sun Bros Studios to fund future projects. We’ve got other scripts and concept art lined up and ready to go, and we’ll get to work on that as soon as Chinatown comes out. 

Check out the new Chinatown page here.

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. This is an exciting time for Sun Bros Studios, and in just two months Chinatown will be out, in print, and in your hands.