Ready Chicago? Here we come.

Chinatown is gaining momentum. Throughout the month of October, we’re making sure to get the word out. Haven’t seen our Kickstarter campaign yet? Click here to check it out. So far, the internet response to our campaign has been phenomenal. We were selected as a Staff Pick from Kickstarter, we’ve had friends and fans post and retweet the link, and just this morning we were featured as the Kickstarter of the week in Tales from the Watercooler by Decapitated Dan. All this publicity has been great, but a successful fundraising campaign cannot rely on web presence alone. We’ll also be appearing to talk about our book in person in a few venues here in Chicago.

Next week, on Oct 17, we’ll be joining Brent House for dinner and a discussion of the spiritual themes in our book. The talk is entitled Do You Want to See the Devil? Theological Motifs in Chinatown.  Wesley, who has a background in philosophy and religion, will be leading the discussion. While Chinatown is not a philosophical treatise or theological paper, it does raise intriguing questions about nihilism, the human struggle against cultural change, the importance of symbol and ritual, and the so-called problem of evil. The meal at Brent House starts at 6pm, with the discussion to follow after supper.

The week after that, on Oct 24, we’ll be giving a presentation called Chinatown: Subtext in Graphic Storytelling at the University of Chicago Divinity School as part of the Fall Wednesday Lunch series. These noontime lunches always feature a fine vegetarian meal and guest speakers invited from the University, the local community, or beyond. Lunch topics have addressed everything from the parakeets of Hyde Park to the world of male modeling to language loss in Siberia. These programs provide a unique opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to engage one another in informal conversation—and now it’s our turn to let the University community know about Chinatown.

For this talk, we’ll be focusing on the mechanics of comics—how they work, what special advantages and challenges come from graphic novel storytelling, and how we chose to implement these devices in our own art. In particular, we’re focusing on the strengths of graphic narratives in communicating subtext to the reader, without relying on explicit dialogue or overly obvious plot points. Wednesday Lunch is open to the community and the meal begins at 12pm and costs 5 bucks to get in. To reserve your seat, you’ll need to RSVP to and we’re expecting a full house so register early! The food is always delicious, includes drinks, appetizers, and dessert—and is cooked in-house by grad students.

Not every appearance we’re making this month is just to push the book. We love comics and talking comics—and on October 28 it’s time once again for our local graphic novel book club! And in the month of October, what better to read than The Long Halloween? Now a classic of comic book literature, The Long Halloween is set during the Batman’s early career. The Dark Knight must work together with Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent to catch the Holiday Killer. Fleshing out Batman’s colorful rogues gallery—and revealing the creation of Two Face—this murder mystery thriller features spectacular artwork by Tim Sale and excellent writing from Jeph Loeb.

The book club—which we call “Doctor’s Consultations”—are held at our favorite comic book shop, First Aid Comics. The regulars at our consultations are a mix of longtime comic fans, newcomers to the medium, and fellow comic book creators. Wherever we’re coming from, we all share together a critical eye, a friendly attitude, and a love for comic books. Folks start arriving at 5pm and we usually end around 6:30. When we’re done, we’ll probably grab some dinner or a few drinks somewhere in Hyde Park.

If your’e in Chicago, we hope you’ll come out to some of these events and say hi. And whether you’re here in the city or not, we hope you’ll keep following us here on the blog and help keep the momentum going for our Kickstarter campaign. Chinatown is almost out! It’s been an incredible journey, and we still have the rest of the month to go. Click the link below to check out our video and the progress we’ve been making. We can’t wait to show you our work!

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