If you’ve been following us on Kickstarter, then you know our campaign is off and running. We’ve already surpassed our initial fundraising goal, but we’ve set a new stretch goal for ourselves to fund future projects next year. If we can bring in $15,000 in pledges by the end of the campaign, then everybody wins. Not only will we have the funds to pursue some new books, we’ll also beef up our backer rewards as our way of thanking you for all of your support.

If we hit our new stretch goal …

  • All backers $25 and up get a 5×7 Art Print of one of our favorite panels from Chinatown!
  • All backers $50 and up get the full set of all five Chinatown Art Prints!
  • All backers $150 and up also get the Sun Bros Sampler—a printed portfolio of our current and future work, including concept art, character designs, and a first look at new projects! The portfolio ships with Apocalypse Man in 2013.

Right now we’re at the halfway mark of the campaign. We have ’til Halloween night to raise the rest of the money and get all of you some extra backer rewards. To get there, we need our help. Encourage your friends and colleagues to pledge by telling them about Chinatown and send them the link to our Kickstarter page. Posting up on Twitter, Facebook, and sending out a few e.mails goes a long way. You could also consider increasing your own pledge—in addition to all the great stuff already listed in our backer rewards, if we hit our stretch goal you’ll get the bonus items listed above. If you were on the fence about pledging more, now’s a great time to go for it. Once again, to all of our backers—thank you for your support!

Check out our Kickstarterpage here!