We just left our Kickstarter stretch goal in the dust.

With 6 days left in the campaign, we’ve already broken through $19,000!!!

Since we’ve more than met our stretch goal, this means everybody gets bonus rewards! All our backers $25 and up get a free 5×7″ art print, all backers $50 and up get the full set of five prints, and our big-time backers at $150 and up get all the prints plus the Sun Bros Sampler—a collection of past, current, and future artwork from the Sun Bros.

So are we done fundraising? No way. Help us get the word out about our Kickstarter page through Facebook, Twitter and by e.mail. And keep checking our Chinatown Art Gallery for new images everyday through the rest of the campaign!

Once again, thank you to all of our Kickstarterbackers!!!