Meet Adrienne Vitt. She’s in Apocalypse Man.



This is Adrienne. She—along with her family and friends—were instrumental in helping us get our Kickstarter off the ground. She backed our project, helped shoot the video, promoted our campaign, and has supported us since the beginning. Adrienne is a communications strategist specializing in brand management, graphic design, and web development for mission-oriented organizations. She works as a consultant/freelancer and for Interfaith Youth Core as its communications director. She has an eye for “cool” and is currently cultivating it through furniture design and parallax-scrolling infographics. She’s always avoided scary movies due to an overactive imagination, but figures being in a zombie comic might take the edge off. To learn more about her work visit

Adrienne Sketches

To get Adrienne onto the comic book page, Brad first had to generate some concept sketches. At this stage he draws from reference photos and works to copy them pretty much exactly. As with all drawings, Brad pays close attention to line and also tries to get a sense of the “3D-ness” of Adrienne’s face and features. This process breaks down and simplifies the figure—much like a low polygon video game character, such as Andross from Star Fox.


Once the sketches are complete, Brad goes on to adapt the real life Adrienne into a character drawn in his own style.  He takes the shapes and angles “discovered” from the concept sketches and chooses which ones to use and emphasize. These artistic choices help to create a more distinctive character. For example, he’s found that specific identifying features—like Adrienne’s cool hair—aren’t always the most important part of capturing her likeness, though they can help for easy identification.  The real trick is looking for the basic shape and structure, simplifying and exaggerating to create a unique hero for our story.

Adrienne Art 1

And there you have it: post-apocalyptic Adrienne. In the weeks to come, we’ll be featuring more “Meet the Cast” segments, introducing you to more of our Kickstarter backers and fans who have helped make this book possible. Interested in learning more about Brad’s creative process or want to share some thoughts about Apocalypse Man? Leave us a comment below or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or e.mail. And hey, if you’ll be in Orland Park next month, come over and say hi at Dan Con!