Meet Andrew McKibben. He’s in Apocalypse Man.Andrew References

This is Andrew. He’s a 30-year-old married father of two working as a national sales manager for a CCTV camera manufacturer. He resides in our hometown of Orlando, FL—not far from where Apocalypse Man takes place. As a childhood friend of the Sun Bros, Andrew played football, paper and pencil RPGs, and plenty of video games. Now that he’s all grown up, Andrew’s getting immortalized in a comic book.

Andrew Art 1

And there you have it: post-apocalyptic Andrew. Brad’s taken his likeness and created a full-fledged character for our book. If you’re interested in learning more about the creative process, check out our first Meet the Cast blog post, where we outline in detail all the work it takes to get from the reference photo to the comic page.

Andrew’s looking forward to what we’ve got in store for him. As one of the first creature-infested zombies you’ll meet in Apocalypse Man, he’s interested to see how his character will enter our story. But he’s even more excited to find out how he gets killed off. He tells us he’s hoping it’s in some horribly disgusting, gruesome manner.

Yeah, I think we can do that.

Andrew Art 2

Apocalypse Man. Coming March 2013.