Meet Justin Howell. He’s in Apocalypse Man.


This is Justin. He—along with his band, Justin and the Salty Dogs—supplied the music for our Kickstarter video. The barking dog that starts the track, the gong that sounds just before the guitar begins—it was the perfect song to introduce the world to Chinatown. Throughout the campaign, our fans kept asking us where we found such great music and how they could listen to more. Well, the track is called “Streetwise” and you can listen to it right now by clicking here:

“Streetwise” by Justin and the Salty Dogs

Justin and the Salty Dogs

Justin and the Salty Dogs. From Left to Right: Tim Kim, Martin Arno, Justin Howell, and Matthijs den Dulk

And Justin’s contribution to Chinatown didn’t end with “Streetwise.” When we asked him how he felt about the book itself, he gave us such a kick-ass quote we just had to stick an excerpt from it on the back cover. Here’s what he said in its entirety:

“The Sun Bros’ art inhabits an otherwise unsettled space where the grotesque and the delightful meet and create smoke—a place where there is at once the screeching of beasts and the enchantments of muses. These texts and images beat an impression upon the mind and haunt the soul as if one were running endlessly yet somehow triumphantly from a pack of bloodhounds on a desolate plain in midafternoon.”

As our way of saying thank you to Justin for all that he’s done to support us, we’ve decided to include him in Apocalypse Man as one of our grizzled  survivors.

Justin and Justin

And there you have it: post-apocalyptic Justin. If you’d like to hear more music from Justin and the Salty Dogs, be sure to check out their Facebook page, where you can read more about the band and even download their songs for free! And if you’ll be in Chicago next month, you’ll get the chance to see the band live at The Spot on May 18. Go out and see them—and tell ’em the Sun Bros sent you.