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Instead of our regularly scheduled Apocalypse Man update, we wanted to let you all know about everything we’ve been up to since C2E2—and there’s been plenty! We just got back from Indiana where we tabled at Appleseed Comic Con, a creator-centered show in Fort Wayne full of friendly, talented artists and great people. Check out our Convention Season image gallery for photos of all the cons we’ve been to, along with pics of our new friends, fans, and some ridiculously awesome cosplay.

At the beginning of May we had the privilege of judging a 48-hour comics contest at the University of Chicago. Participants had two days to write, illustrate, and submit a 3-5 page comic based on a writing prompt we gave them. The prompt itself was simple: you will do anything to get a song out of your head. The prompt generated a host of creative interpretations—and when we sat down to read the submissions we were seriously impressed with the talent that showed up to compete. In fact, we were so pleased with the contest that we’ve decided to share all five contest winners with all of you! And naturally, we also wrote our own 48-hour mini comic for you to enjoy.

Click here to read our 48-hr comics challenge winners!

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Moving forward, our schedule isn’t slowing down much. This coming Sunday (May 19) we’ll be at Open Books on the Near North Side for a Writer’s Panel and networking event co-sponsored with the Chicago Nerd Social Club. Come by the bookstore at 3pm—we’ll start with a moderated Q&A panel with a really great trio of local Chicago creators. From there we’ll move on to meet-and-greet mingling so we can all share our writing projects with each other. The authors assembled will be from a variety of literary mediums—short stories, novels, internet serials, etc—and the Sun Bros are happy to be representing comics!

open books

Next month we’re really turning up the heat on our con schedule, as we’ve booked convention appearances nearly every weekend in June. With Fantasy Con, CAKE, Mighty Con, and Derby City Comic Con, we’ll be doing four shows in four weeks! It’ll be a fun (and exhausting) month for Sun Bros Studios, and we hope to see some of you on the road. While we’re off touring Chinatown and Apocalypse Man in the Midwest, be sure to keep checking back on the site for more photos and more pages of our Apocalypse Man webcomic—updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!


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