Check us out in Zombie Bot!

We met Hardboiled in Artist Alley during Wizard World and were invited to be in his new music video! And if you’re gonna take a break from selling comics, you might as well do some zombie dancing to some flamenco guitar, electro fusion music. And if you like the song, be sure to stop by his website to check out more of his music. You can get the entire 16-track album, “Find Your Fight,” in a high-quality digital format of your choice for only $5. To get there, click here.


You can also see photos of us with Hardboiled and the rest of the gang at Chicago Wizard World by visiting our Facebook Photo Gallery. And if you haven’t seen our blog posts from Wizard World yet, be sure to check out Brad’s thoughts on the Frank Frazetta exhibit at Wizard World in his post, GODS AND MONSTERS. And if you’re interested in some reflections from the exhibitor side of the table, you might want to take a look at Wesley’s article, The Three Phases of Post-Con Letdown.

We’ll be back next week with more news, articles, and blogs from Sun Bros Studios. Have a great weekend!