Presenting the next graphic novel from Sun Bros Studios …




“Monkey Fist” by the Sun Bros

Equal parts fairy tale fantasy and postmodern fever dream, Monkey Fist is an irreverent kung fu epic, inspired by one of the greatest Chinese stories ever told. It’s the classic tale of one monkey’s obsessive journey through life and madness, set in the mythical land of fast food. Fueled by rage and driven by insatiable ego, Monkey steps out from behind his cash register and into the nightmarish downtown offices of Fishy Burger in search of answers. But it’s a long way to the top of the labyrinthine corporate headquarters, and on his journey he’ll encounter an unlikely cast of maniacs, misfits, and monsters. As reality warps and fantasy takes over, Monkey presses on toward his goal — but is he prepared for what awaits him at the end of his quest?


Coming February 2014!