Thank you for a wonderful night!

The Monkey Fist Launch Party was a tremendous success! To everyone who came out to celebrate with us – THANK YOU!!! It was a fantastic evening of music, food, Super Nintendo, and of course, MONKEY FIST! It was also the grand debut of the RAGE Edition, which we are now packaging up for delivery to all of our backers.

If you weren’t able to make it to the party, check our Photo Gallery on Facebook to see all the pics!

cake surprise

At the Launch Party we were joined by fellow artists, fans, musicians, and many more! But our guests of honor that evening were, without question, our VIP Kickstarter backers, without whom any of this could have been possible.

Special thanks also goes to Pocket Con and UChicago Comics, as well as  DJ L|O|Kari, who remixed old school video game music for us all night long, Lydia Hoover, our incredible photographer for the evening, Jeff Batiato from DRG-TV, and special effects makeup artist Chelsea Heilman, who poured our drinks in style – and featured her own version of the classic Monkey King opera makeup!


And last, but certainly not least – thank you to Bonnie Fan, our Sun Bros Studios intern! Bonnie has been an invaluable part of Sun Bros for over a year now, helping us out with just about everything. From our website, to the creative process, to book sales, to running the convention table – you name it, and she’s been helping us make it happen. Most recently, Bonnie took the lead on the graphic design, editing, and layout for the behind-the-scenes bonus material of the RAGE Edition – and it looks fantastic! For all of her help and service this past year, we want to give special thanks to Bonnie, an incredibly hard worker and our #1 Booth Monkey – who now has the trophy to prove it!