Queen Crop 2

It’s an all too common tale: You’ve read all the Sun Bros’ books, committed every line and image to memory, constructed elaborate theories on how all the stories take place in the same continuity…but there’s just one problem! The Sun Bros only appear at conventions in the Midwest! How can you adequately express how much their work has changed your life if it’s not face to face?

Well, fret not! The long cold nightmare is finally over. Starting next weekend, the Sun Bros are coming to New England! That’s right, friends. Our East Coast domination begins with two shows announced in the Boston area. Look for us at Boston Comic Con this summer and in nearby Marlborough for Super Megafest THIS WEEKEND!

super mega

 As for what new projects are in the works, following his appearance in last year’s KILLER QUEEN, Brad is once again collaborating with Red Stylo Media on their newest anthology 27, featuring stories inspired by rock n’ roll’s infamous 27 Club. And the Bros are also hard at work on their next all new graphic novel project, a madcap sci-fi satire called NEON Fruit Punch!

We’ll be sharing a lot more info soon, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for exciting news and announcements. See you on the road!