Pocket Con 15

It’s our last show of the year! This Saturday, Dec 5, Wesley will be once again be exhibiting at Pocket Con!

Pocket Con is a free single day convention for Chicago youth brought to you by a partnership between the Chicago Public Library, Freewrite and LOKari Productions. It focuses on work by artists of color, particularly African American authors and artists, as well as work in the comic medium by women, Latinos, Asian Americans, LGBTQ artists, and other underrepresented groups. This year Pocket Con has changed venues, and we’re excited to exhibit for the first time at the Chicago Art Department located at 1932 S. Halsted.

We’ve been exhibiting at Pocket Con since our debut on the convention circuit in 2013, and it has always been a really wonderful experience for us. It’s a small, local comic con that not only promotes diversity in comics creation and fandom, but also highlights comic book culture on the South Side of Chicago, right where Wesley lives and works. In addition to selling more books and meeting more fans, Pocket Con has been a place for us to meet other incredible artists and collaboraters, and has introduced us to some truly wonderful friends and colleagues in the Chicago comics scene. Pocket Con has built an incredibly warm and welcoming community – and we’re happy to be a part of it!


The organizer’s of Pocket Con have made it their mission to promote literacy using the graphic novel format, reflect on the portrayal of race and gender in comics and film, and introduce characters, writers and authors who have a different voice than the majority white, primarily male, and typically straight characters written by generations of comic authors who themselves have been primarily white, straight, and male.

In order to empower young writers and artists, Pocket Con seeks to introduce them to the collaborative process that is comic creation, and encourages them to produce and submit work of their own for contests at the con. The convention also hosts a “Maker Space” that will give teens a chance to experiment in a variety of media, from laser-cut vinyl stickers, to cardboard and leather mask construction, to 3D printing!

So come join us this Saturday for the last comic con of the year! Get your Christmas shopping done early by picking up some amazing indie comics and self-published work by local authors, and come be a part of the Pocket Con community! We’ll see you there!