Three stories. Endless Possibilities.

When the world rejects you … create your own.

Eisegesis: Kings + Queens is a full-color, all-ages comics anthology written by the Sun Bros and illustrated by Ali Cantarella, exploring the thin boundary between our everyday interactions and the unexpected inner worlds we inhabit.

A royal couple quarrels while their kingdom falls under siege by monsters. A lonely old shopkeeper rules his gift shop with an iron fist. A late night chance encounter leads to an unlikely journey across rooftops and donuts.

These tales dare us to infuse our own perspective into each of them. They’re not meant to teach us lessons. Instead, they simply invite us to wonder.

Featuring over 40 pages of gorgeous artwork, Eisegesis will be saddle-stitched and printed on high quality paper with rich, vibrant inks!

Each book also includes a special double-sided centerfold poster, featuring artwork by Brad Sun and a special look at the concept art behind the comic. Plus, all Kickstarter-backed books will be personally signed by Wesley, Brad, and Ali!

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