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UPDATE: We’ve hit our funding goal!!! When the campaign concludes, we’ll be heading to the printers, getting our comic into production, and shipping out all of our amazing backer rewards! But that’s not all! If we hit $7,500, we’ll be adding UV SPOT FINISH to the cover! This will add a special sheen to our lettering, making the artwork really pop – and this stretch goal will enhance every reward tier! We’ve got one week to go … and we can do it!

To celebrate, we’ve decided to release a special KICKSTARTER PREVIEW, where you can read a full scene from Eisegesis for FREE! Click below to start reading “Fool’s Mate,” written by Wesley Sun and illustrated by Ali Cantarella:

Three stories. Endless possibilities.

Eisegesis: Kings + Queens is a full-color, all-ages comics anthology written by the Sun Bros and illustrated by Ali Cantarella, exploring the thin boundary between our everyday interactions and the unexpected inner worlds we inhabit.

A royal couple quarrels while their kingdom falls under siege by monsters. A lonely old shopkeeper rules his gift shop with an iron fist. A late night chance encounter leads to an unlikely journey across rooftops and donuts.

These tales dare us to infuse our own perspective into each of them. They’re not meant to teach us lessons. Instead, they simply invite us to wonder.

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When the world rejects you … create your own.

Featuring over 40 pages of gorgeous artwork, Eisegesis will be saddle-stitched and printed on high quality paper with rich, vibrant inks!

Each book also includes a special double-sided centerfold poster, featuring artwork by Brad Sun and a special look at the concept art behind the comic. Plus, all Kickstarter-backed books will be personally signed by Wesley, Brad, and Ali!

Kickstarter Exclusive Backer Rewards!

Our Kickstarter campaign is full of exclusive backer rewards you won’t find anywhere else! We’re printing high quality graphic tees (sizes S-XL) featuring some incredible Eisegesis: Kings + Queens artwork! But that’s not all! We’re also offering specially designed, limited edition enamel pins of our fan-favorite Golden Lucky Cat! This ultra rare, ultra fat 1.5″ talisman is guaranteed to bring you good fortune and good food wherever you go!

Eisgegesis T-Shirt Designs are Here!

Our Eisegesis t-shirt designs are complete! And to celebrate the success of our Kickstarter campaign, we’re giving you not two, but THREE awesome graphic designs to choose from! Each shirt is a unisex, 100% preshrunk cotton tee with double-needle stitching throughout. Each design is available in sizes S-XL, and will be given to all backers starting at the $25 tier. And if you pick the Immortal Id? Well, then you get to pick two!


Ready to see some Concept Art?

And visit our Kickstarter Page for even more Behind-the-Scenes Artwork  and Previews from Eisegesis: Kings + Queens!!!


Meet the Creators!

Sun Bros Studios is proud to feature the incredible talent of so many writers and artists! As a team, they’re bringing together all the amazing concept sketches, scripts, and sequential art that make up Eisegesis: Kings + Queens!

Wesley and Brad Sun, the Sun Bros


Ali Cantarella, Artist               www.thewetstain.com


Special Guest Artists!

Eisegesis also features some incredible pin-up artwork from our amazing Special Guest Artists!

Jonathan La Mantia, Guest Artist               www.jonathanlamantia.com


Geannina Gutiérrez, Guest Artist               www.oddlycute.com


Ready for more Eisegesis?

Check out our Eisegesis Image Gallery on Facebook for more artwork, concept sketches, and finished pages! And when you back us on Kickstarter, you’ll get access to all kinds of ultra-rare, ultra-exclusive items available only for a limited time during the campaign! So what are you waiting for, back us today and get your own copy of Eisegesis sent right to your door!!!

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