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Monkey Fist was successfully funded on Kickstarter! You can still check out our Kickstarter page to learn more about our next full-length graphic novel and all the amazing backer rewards we offered, including our special RAGE EDITION, available exclusively through this campaign. Our backers also got original art from Brad’s drawing table, a limited edition Monkey Fist T-Shirt, and even commissioned a custom 11×14 drawings of themselves beating up anyone of their choice! All this, plus an invitation to our Summer Launch Party, digital downloads, recognition as a Rampaging Immortal, and a Heavenly Peach Banquet prepared just for them!

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Monkey Fist: An irreverent kung fu epic set in the mythical land of fast food. Inspired by the greatest Chinese story ever told. And video games.

Monkey Fist is a full color, 150-page graphic novel. It will feature a beautiful card stock cover and be printed on high quality paper with rich, vibrant inks. Over a year in the making, Monkey Fist was written and illustrated entirely by the Sun Bros – Wesley and Brad Sun. Monkey Fist is a demented mix of mythical storytelling and ridiculously awesome fight scenes, with a tasty blend of our shared cultural experiences – classic Chinese folktales, epic big screen kung fu flicks, and plenty of hours watching anime and playing video games.


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Equal Parts Fairy Tale Fantasy and Postmodern Fever Dream

Monkey Fist is the classic tale of one monkey’s obsessive journey through life and madness, set in the mythical land of fast food. Fueled by rage and driven by insatiable ego, Monkey steps out from behind his cash register and into the nightmarish downtown offices of Fishy Burger in search of answers. But it’s a long way to the top of the labyrinthine corporate headquarters, and on his journey he’ll encounter an unlikely cast of maniacs, misfits, and monsters. As reality warps and fantasy takes over, Monkey presses on toward his goal — but is he prepared for what awaits him at the end of his quest?


Monkey Fist Preview #1: Meet the Captain

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Monkey was just a lowly cog in the Fishy Burger fast food machine, until a chance encounter sent him on a bizarre journey to the harrowing heart of Corporate HQ! Now he stands face to face with a strange and dangerous new adversary. Read our first preview of Monkey Fist to find out more!


Monkey Fist Preview #2: Secret Origins

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Monkey may be a hardcore hellion now, but he wasn’t always this way! Let’s take a look into his primate past and find out who he is and how he came to be. Read our latest preview of Monkey Fist to find out more!


“Welcome to Fishy Burger!” by Bonnie Fan

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Bonnie takes us behind-the-scenes with Brad to get the inside scoop on the artistic design for Fishy Burger! Video game and cartoon influences abound in Monkey Fist, and a lot of work went into setting the stage in this 16-bit inspired world. Read more about the creative process in Welcome to Fishy Burger! and check out our special MONKEY FIST: RAGE EDITION for even more bonus features!


“Hungry, Hungry, Hungry Ghosts” by Wesley Sun

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What exactly is a Hungry Ghost? And what are they doing in Monkey Fist? Wesley offers some of the history and beliefs surrounding these strange and tragic creatures, and gives us a preview of what you’ll find in our next graphic novel. Check out Hungry, Hungry, Hungry Ghosts to find out more!


“The Saga of the Monkey King” by Wesley Sun

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Wesley explores the origins of the Monkey King stories from Chinese literature, and the inspiration for Monkey Fist! Learn about the classic folk hero, the host of modern interpretations, and how the Sun Bros take on the Saga of the Monkey King in their next graphic novel.


“Growing Up with the Monkey” by Bonnie Fan

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Our intern Bonnie grew up on Monkey King cartoons, live action dramas, and even her own custom-made Monkey King staff. Join her for a first-hand account of what it was like to Grow Up with the Monkey and now to work alongside the Sun Bros on Monkey Fist!


More Monkey Fist on Facebook!

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Ready to see more? Our art gallery on Facebook includes images, behind-the-scenes photos, and concept art you won’t see anywhere else. Check out our Facebook page to see more artwork, and to stay up-to-date on Monkey Fist news, developments, and progress on Kickstarter!


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