Two Brothers. A Drawing Table. And a Gallon of Soy Sauce.

The Sun Bros are Wesley and Brad Sun. They grew up in Orlando, FL reading comics and playing Sega Genesis. Wesley became a professor and jail chaplain on the South Side of Chicago. He knows kung fu. Brad studied art and worked as a gallery preparator before joining his brother to create Sun Bros Studios. Now in Boston, when he isn’t working furiously at his drawing table, he enjoys playing video games and punk rock guitar.

The Sun Bros have been writing, illustrating, and publishing their books since 2012, and their work includes comics and graphic novels such as Chinatown, Apocalypse Man, Monkey Fist, Eisegesis, and Mr. Id – as well as numerous short stories featured in a variety of anthologies and comics collections. Wesley and Brad now speak at comic conventions, universities, and bookstores around the country on crowdfunding, making indie comics, and building diversity in geek culture.

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