Do you want to see the Devil?

Inspired by Hong Kong movies and monster flicks …

Chinatown blends together strong elements of magical realism, adds in some trippy psychological horror, and finishes off with memories from our own cultural experience. For the small, frightened community of Chinatown, a missing girl ushers in not only panic—but an onset of the truly strange and bizarre. In Chinatown, there’s just no telling what lies skulking in the dirty streets and back alleys.

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Chinatown was funded through a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign, drawing in over 600 backers from around the world and raising over $25,000 to see our first book in print. Here on the website, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the whole creative process. We’ve designed BBQ joints and bedrooms, written and revised our characters, and built a pop culture world for them to inhabit. But even after all that work, we just couldn’t have done it without the support of our backers and fans. Take a look at what people are saying about Chinatown, and scroll down a little further to see a list of all the people who made this book possible.


“I expected a pretty cool graphic novel. I was not expecting a visually stunning meta mind-trip that would keep me up extra hours re-reading it to see what I’d missed. It was fucking awesome.”

Jeremiah Christie, author of The Hovertank Diaries


“Combining art and dialogue that hangs between the whimsical and the disturbingly surreal, the Sun Bros invite readers into a world that bewilders, shocks, and explores broad themes surrounding the search for meaning in a sometimes tragic world.”

Andrew Holzman, the Hyde Park Herald


Chinatown is a unique ghost story with a lot of heart and character. It’s an enchanting look at old and new and it has a distinctive vision. There is a mixture of bitter pessimism and reliance on supernatural forces at work that is truly fascinating. This is a brilliant story and beautifully rendered.”

Henry Chamberlain,


“The Sun Bros’ art inhabits an otherwise unsettled space where the grotesque and the delightful meet and create smoke—a place where there is at once the screeching of beasts and the enchantments of muses. These texts and images beat an impression upon the mind and haunt the soul as if one were running endlessly yet somehow triumphantly from a pack of bloodhounds on a desolate plain in midafternoon.”

Justin of Justin and the Salty Dogs


“This book is weird.”

Lewis Harter, age 10


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Chinatown is now available for purchase online and at many bookstores and comic shops throughout Chicagoland!. Just click the link above to access our Gumroad page. Scroll left and right to see all our products and pick the ones you want. Online ordering couldn’t be easier. Questions or comments? Please contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail and we’ll get right back to you!


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